Online Recovery Courses

What do our courses include?


Tools and information to give you everything you need to begin your recovery journey. In fact, this course contains roughly 5 therapy sessions worth of information!

Myth Busting

All the information you truly need to understand your Eating Disorder, removing myths and shaming scripts from the process. 

Because true knowledge is power!

Weekly Recovery Exercises

Recovery should always be taken at your pace, and that's why you will receive a pack of recovery homework exercises to explore at a time which suits you.

Trauma Exploration

Don't worry, nobody will or should ever force you to discuss trauma which feels unsafe. But I will be empowering you with the prompts and knowledge to understand why your Eating Disorder has appeared.

Bite Size Content

When it comes to online courses, nothing deters me more than hours of video content! That's why each week you will have no more than 30 minutes of video content to digest and enjoy.

Lifelong Access

Missed a week? Don't worry, your course won't expire! All users receive lifelong access to the coursework, allowing you to take your recovery at a pace which suits you.