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Ruth is a trusted registered Counsellor and mental health expert by a wide variety of publications. She truly enjoys collaborating with the press to remove shame and stigma, and her expertise lies in Trauma, Eating Disorders, and other 'coping modes'.


The Guardian:
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Ruth Micallef gives expert commentary on how weight-loss and 'makeover' shows can exacerbate conditions like Body Dysmorphia.


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Ruth discusses why the impact of putting calories on menus, and why diet apps are so damaging for Eating Disorder recovery. Additionally, she discusses how NDA's can compound trauma, and notes that it's important to note the difference between ignorance and narcissism in 'woke-fishing'. She also comments on how to recognise when trauma is impacting your sex life, and discusses the complexities of 'false memories' and trauma.

Marie Claire: 
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Ruth reflects from an expert lens how the #thatgirl TikTok trend impacts eating disorders.


The Independent: 
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BBC News:
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Ruth discussed eating disorders in athletics communities, and why the hope for a "soulmate" the 'destiny myth' may actually be damaging for relationships on BBC News. She also discussed on BBC World News (radio) the impacts that pornography has on children and young people.

Expert Commentary

Ruth discusses why the "glow up" Tiktok trend can be so harmful, and legitimise unhealthy coping modes.



Mens Fitness:
Expert Commentary

Ruth discusses the Psychology and benefits of a regular mindfulness practice.

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With OnlyFans content being stolen, Ruth discusses how this can become a form of sexual violence and the following trauma. She also discussed with Grazia the harmful pressures put on young athletes.


Stylist Magazine:
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Ruth collaborates with The Stylist to discuss body neutrality and ‘negative fitness nostalgia’, how to deal with family stress and triggers at Christmas, as well as personal reflections on the unprecedented year that changed her career, for the better. She also discusses the concept of 'emotional eating', why health trackers are often inaccurate, and how cutting out alcohol from your lifestyle can positively or negatively impact your relationship with exercise.


The Metro:
Expert Commentary 

Ruth collaborates with the Metro to discuss the dangers of over-exercise and developing Orthorexia Nervosa, how smartwatches can contribute to Eating Disorders.  She also explores how to cope with Christmas if you find going home triggering, the positive benefits of green and blue space therapy, and how "hustle culture" can impact our mental health.


Readers Digest: 

In her article, Ruth discusses why Binge Eating Disorder develops, and how to recover from it.

BACP Children, Young People and Families Journal:

In her article, Ruth conceptualises Eating Disorders as defective superheroes, attempting to fly in and save the day.

‘This article first appeared in the September 2021 issue of BACP Children, Young People & Families, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  BACP 2021©’ 


Fourth 1, North 1, and Greatest Hits Radio:
Expert Commentary

Ruths helps unpack what Eating Disorders are, and what causes them.


The Scotsman:
Expert Commentary

Ruth discusses Freddie Flintoff's brave battle with bulimia nervosa and how to seek help when suffering from an Eating Disorder.


OK! Magazine:
Expert Commentary 

Ruth discusses the concepts behind Intuitive Eating, and how and when to get started.

The Telegraph:
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Ruth joins debates on collagen supplementation, and how excessive screen time for children and young people can create harmful coping modes.


The Big Issue:
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Woman & Home:
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Ruth comments on the psychological benefits of blue space therapy and wild swimming.

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Is Blue Monday a myth? Ruth discusses from a psychological viewpoint what can make January so tough.

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Ruth discusses the prevalence of Eating Disorders in athletic communities, as well as how eating disorders impact menstrual cycles, and the dangers of detox diets,

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After a globally traumatic two years of Covid-19, Ruth reflects on what she has seen in her clinic since March 2020.


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Parents Magazine:
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Ruth discusses how female rappers can help young black girls and teens boost their body positivity.