First Steps to Freedom


Ready to take the first steps towards recovery?

In this beautifully bitesize e-course, we'll take 30 minutes together to ask one of the most important questions I ever ask a client;

"What's your why?"

By understanding WHY we are coping through our Eating Disorder, we give ourselves space and compassion to move forward towards recovery.


This Schema Therapy and Psychoeducationally based course is designed to point into your discovery of why your Eating Disorder has developed, and the starting point of processing your adverse experiences. No two stories are the same, and there is no 'one size fits all' for Eating Disorder Therapy, but I hope that parts of this course resonate with you, and give you the permission and compassion to move forward.

You are not broken or defective - your Eating Disorder is a way of coping! So let's sit down and figure out why you have to cope.

Please note; this course is suitable for adults, and will lightly touch on abuse and neglect.